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How To Take Care Of An Infant At Home


Taking care of the baby’s nutritional needs is the mother’s first duty. The baby usually cries and expresses his hunger and cannot be fed according to a specific timetable. So be careful about that at all times. Also take care of the hygiene of the newborn, because only a clean baby stays healthy, consult a doctor immediately in case of illness.

However, talk to an elder first, because the grandmother has useful tips in this regard.

The full attention of the mother is very important for the child, and the mother will be the caregiver, so she will always take care of the child’s needs. It is best for the mother to breastfeed her baby, and for some reason, this is not possible, so take care of cleanliness using canned or cow’s and buffalo’s milk, so that the feeder is properly boiled in hot water. Clean and wash the feeder immediately after feeding, and if there is any milk left in it, take it out in a pot. Don’t let the feeder’s nipple get too old, and change it before it feels sticky, and don’t let the flies get stuck.

2۔ For the care of a newborn, it is important that the mother is well aware of the child’s minor ailments. Abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea are common in young children, which can be caused by carelessness or lack of hygiene. In the case of stomach ache, grind nutmeg equal to the gram, mix it with honey, and lick the baby. Repeat this process two to three times, even in case of chest tightness. If the cause of abdominal pain hands, then instead of nutmeg, grind white cumin and use it with honey. The first winters are especially dangerous for children. So to avoid them, paint the native egg yolk. And fill a teaspoon and mix it with five ounces of milk. Looking at it for three days will not affect the cold, but the baby should be more than three months old, as the egg can be harmful to a baby younger than that.

  1. Protect young children from injury as much as possible, as even a minor injury to a newborn can be fatal. It is better to rest in a cradle or cradle, where there is no fear of falling. However, if you are lying on a normal bed, rest on both sides with a pillow, so that there is no possibility of falling down. Don’t give to small children who can’t handle it.

New mothers should take special care that the baby’s bed does not get wet. Especially at night, because that’s why most children get cold. The wetness of the bed also makes the baby feel cold, and he constantly feels restless and dissatisfied. It is best to check the baby’s nappy or pamper from time to time, as it also meets the hygiene requirements, and gives the baby a restful sleep.

Children’s problems and their treatment:
  1. Babies are like flowers. Even with the slightest inconvenience, they become emaciated. If these minor ailments are not treated in time, the disease may worsen and your anxiety may worsen. Take children to the doctor for minor ailments, then they usually use antibiotics. As a result, children’s immune systems are weakened, and they often get sick.
  2. It takes a lot of patience for parents when it comes to teething. Mixing powdered milk, honey and salt on the gums will make the teeth come out easily.
  3. If children have constipation, do not give them medicine, but if they are infants, then make them light tea with coffee and sugar. Hopefully, their complaint of constipation will go away. Mixing Spirolina tablet in lukewarm water also relieves constipation in children.

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