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Lung Disorder Can Cause A Cough

A sore throat, a sore throat, a respiratory tract infection, or a lung disorder can cause a cough. This can be dangerous if left untreated.

A cough that lasts for a few days or is chronic has taken the form of bronchitis or is dry and severe; it is related to various diseases of the respiratory system. Along with their medical treatment, a few simple and home remedies are also very useful.

Types of Cough:

A severe cough usually lasts about three weeks. A few other types of cough sometimes take a long time to heal. However, whatever the nature of the cough, it must be related to a defect in the respiratory system. A sore throat, a sore throat, a respiratory tract infection, or a lung disorder can cause a cough. This can be dangerous if left untreated.

Bronchitis develops when there is a persistent defect in certain ducts of the lungs, and in the early stages, the patient experiences a dry cough. If left untreated at this stage, mucus begins to build up in the lungs. This prevents the lungs from performing its normal function, and the patient eventually begins to have difficulty breathing, which can be dangerous.

Inactive smoking is very harmful to children’s health.
Weather and caution:

Patients with shortness of breath or chronic cough should be very careful before the onset of winter and spring. This is because mucus, which accumulates in the lungs, becomes a hotbed of cold and flu germs. Where they thrive, this mucus sometimes does not come out even in case of severe cough. Clogs the ducts, and often causes fatal lung infections.

Causes of chronic cough:

The most common cause of chronic bronchitis or pneumonia is smoking. For every second smoker over the age of 40, doctors diagnose bronchitis or pneumonia. The more you will smoke. The severity of the disease will also increase. Ninety percent of patients with bronchitis have either developed a bad smoking habit or have had it in the past.

It is important to stop smoking immediately and seek medical treatment to get rid of bronchitis. According to experts, the cough starts to disappear about four weeks after quitting smoking. Lung disorders and coughs are more common in certain types of work. For example, the disease is common in those who work in the ear, and if not treated effectively in time, it can lead to lung cancer. Herbal medicines are more effective.

Ways to prevent bronchitis:

Adequate air humidity is essential to prevent respiratory illnesses and coughs. In this regard, the humidity in the air in the bedroom should be between 45 to 60 percent.

Herbal tea is very useful in the treatment of chronic cough and in the process of opening the lung ducts. The tea belongs to the mint plant Sylvia, an herb used in ancient Arabia, Greece, Egypt, and Italy, including the leaves of the saffron, mint.

Home Remedies for Cough:

It is very important to protect the throat from dryness to relieve the intensity of cough, so to avoid the severity of cough and to relieve sore throat, one should keep sucking herbal tablets.

  • Getting goose fat on the chest is very soothing in cough, and its heat also helps in clearing the mucus accumulated in the lung ducts.
  • Wet towels soaked in lemon juice and wrapped around the chest also relieves cough.
  • Drinking honey mixed with hot milk clears mucus from the lungs.
  • Gargling with salt water and steaming hot saltwater reduces inflammation of the nose and throat, and also kills germs that attack the respiratory tract. This way, the cough can be controlled.
  • Breathing is of paramount importance in very severe cough. Breathing fast does not help clear the cough and mucus accumulated in the lungs. Breathing slowly and deeply helps to open the closed ducts of the lungs, and to deliver the required amount of oxygen to the blood.

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