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What Should You Do If You Have Diabetes

We have to do five things to avoid major diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, stomach, liver, cholesterol, uric acid, kidneys, and so on.

Treatment Of Pre-Diabetes:

Careful eating, regular exercise, and medication can cure the disease. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Who Should Get Pre-Diabetes Tested?

All patients who are at risk of developing diabetes should have a pre-diabetes test. These include people over the age of forty-five, their families, and people with diabetes, women who have had diabetes during pregnancy, patients who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And those who have heart disease.

In the end, we will say that you should not be discouraged by the name of pre-diabetes. This is a very valuable opportunity to treat and prevent diabetes. Remember that diabetes can be managed in a few years, but it cannot be got rid of. Millions of people have pre-diabetes, and they are unaware of it

1- Food

Most diseases are caused by swallowing food. There is a difference between swallowed food and cooked food. The way an apple is cooked, and a sore throat. You can easily eat a swallowed apple with a spoon, and you won’t have to chew it. Food cooks slowly in a clay pot. In contrast, food melts in silver, steel, pressure cooker, or non-stick. So change your dishes first. Rest assured that the people who change the pot will change their lives.

2- Cooking oil

Use cooking oil that never freezes. The best oil in the world that does not solidify is olive oil. But it is expensive. Mustard oil is for poor people like us. It doesn’t freeze either. Mustard oil is the only oil that does not freeze all its life, and if it freezes, it is not mustard. It is also said that mustard is planted on the palm of the hand because it is not possible.

One of the virtues of mustard oil is that you can put anything in it. It does not freeze. A living example of this pickles, which live in mustard oil. It does not look like a fungus, and when this mustard oil gets into your body, you will never have a stroke, epilepsy, or heart attack.

Your kidneys will not fail. You will be protected from high blood pressure for the rest of your life. Because, Mustard oil cleans the drains when the drains are cleaned, and the heart does not have to be stressed. The benefits of mustard oil are many. In our villages, when the animals are sick, the elders ask them to give them mustard oil. We all need mustard oil.

3- Salt (replace salt)
What is salt?

Salt makes a human character. We say that big salt is halal. Salt builds human character. We should take the salt that comes from the soil, and that salt is still the pink salt of the best Pakistani toy in the whole world. Pink Himalayan salt sells 90 grams for $ 25, or 90 grams for 4,000 rupees, and 900 grams for 40,000 rupees, and we have 10 rupees for a kilo. Unfortunately, we bring home iodized salt. The salt that was supposed to make our character, we gave up eating. Therefore, I request you to always use rock salt.

4- Sweet

We all need sweets to run our brains, and sweets are kept in the soil by Allah Almighty. Please use.


The most important thing for human beings is water, without which it is not possible for human beings to survive. Then use wheat that comes out of the soil, but never sift the wheat. Use wheat in the same condition in which it is grown.

Then it was decided that we should do these five things.
  • Pottery
  • Mustard oil
  • Jaggery
  • Stone salt
  • Groundwater

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