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Lung Disorder Can Cause A Cough

A sore throat, a sore throat, a respiratory tract infection, or a lung disorder can cause a cough. This can be dangerous if left untreated. A cough that lasts for a few days or is chronic has taken the form of bronchitis or is dry and severe; it is related …

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How To Take Care Of An Infant At Home

Introduction: Taking care of the baby’s nutritional needs is the mother’s first duty. The baby usually cries and expresses his hunger and cannot be fed according to a specific timetable. So be careful about that at all times. Also take care of the hygiene of the newborn, because only a …

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Do You Know These Silent Symptoms Of Lung Disease?

Recently, a report revealed that lung and heart diseases are the leading cause of death in Pakistan, and one in four Pakistanis suffers from the same condition, and it is not wrong to consider it yourself. Various lifestyle habits such as smoking, high-fat diets, and other such elements. What are …

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A few hair enhancement tips

The use of herbs, fruits, vegetables and herbs can not only make the hair beautiful and strong, but also prevent its whiteness in the following ways: Avoid the hairstyles that style, which will allow the hair to freshen up and lose sunlight, weaken the hair, shine off their natural shine …

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