Morris Society Calls for Papers—MLA 2011 Updated

William Morris Society

2011 Modern Language Association Annual Convention
6-9 January 2011, Los Angeles, CA

1. “Morris and the Arts: Books, Painting, Crafts, Architecture

This is a regular session sponsored by the William Morris Society in the United States. We seek 15-minute papers which deal with William Morris and his close associates’ work in, and connections to, the decorative and fine arts, crafts, architecture, printing/book arts, and architecture. Proposals to Florence S. Boos,, by 20 March 2010.

2. “Pre-Raphaelite Uses of the Past
Proposed session co-sponsored by the William Morris Society in the United States and the Society for Arthurian Literature. This session would examine aspects of Victorian historicism, especially neo-medievalism in painting, book design, poetry, romance narrative, translation and other genres. Papers might consider ways in which the Pre-Raphaelites and their associates and successors reshaped the works of Dante, Chaucer, Boccaccio, Froissart, the Icelandic sagas, Malory and other Arthurian sources for a middle-class Victorian audience. Reflections on the different forms of Victorian medievalism, variant uses of the same legends (e. g., of Launcelot and Guenevere), and the social context and psychological motivations of Victorian medievalism are also welcome. Proposals for 15-minute papers should be be sent to Michelle R. Warren,, and Florence Boos,, by 20 March. Notice of the MLA Program Committee’s decision regarding this proposed session will be posted on the William Morris Society website in late Spring 2010.

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