The Well at the World’s End Makes “Top 10” List of Underrated Fantasy

The latest issue of American Libraries Direct, the e-newsletter of the American Libraries Association drew our attention to a “top 10 list” on Listverse—a list of the top underrated fantasy novels published prior to 1937. Always curious to see if William Morris was included we looked, and found that The Well at the World’s End was included. Here’s the listing. Does anyone recognize the edition from the cover?

The Well at the World’s End
by William Morris


Publication Date: 1896

This book helped codify the classic fantasy story. And, indeed, both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were influenced greatly by the works of William Morris, this novel in particular. Written in a medieval style, we follow the adventures of a young man on his quest for the eponymous well, one which will grant him immortality. A book of similar influence and greatness by William Morris is “The Wood Beyond the World,” and it is equally worth your time. [Read it here.]

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