The month of April will be dedicated to looking at places to visit in the United States to see works by Morris and Morris and Co.

MAINE – The Sarah Orne Jewett House (Writer, 1849-1909). South Berwick, Maine. Built in 1774, Jewett and her sister Mary updated the Greek revival house they inherited with many arts and crafts touches. According to the Historic New England website, “While the sisters retained earlier wallpapers in four rooms, they made a dramatic statement in the aesthetic style in the front hall, choosing a bold pattern of tulips on a reflective ground to complement a William Morris carpet in the ‘Wreath’ pattern.” The website goes on to talk about how Mary removed the “Wreath” carpet after Sarah died, replacing it with another Morris carpet. The “Wreath” carpet ended up in a trunk, only being rediscovered a few years ago. For more information, visit:

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